Herbs and Oils

Herbs are a natural adjunct to acupuncture and moxibusion. The oldest formulas of Chinese medicine--some of them written two thousand years ago--have been proven through the millennia to work marvels in their purest forms. These traditional formulas are designed for the maximum benefit with the minimum side effects.

Every formula we prescribe is carefully tailored to suit you, taking into account your size, robustness, dietary needs or preferences (Kosher, Celiac Sprue or other food allergies, vegetarian), gender, age, level of activity and specific symptoms. Chinese medicine is not a one-size fits all medicine.

Taking herbs can speed the healing process by keeping the energy of the treatment alive between visits.

In our office we use both patent medicines and custom formulas. All the herbs we use meet the Good Manufacturing Standards.

Essential oils arouse the senses to reach your spirit and deepest constitution. The aromas of the oils provide pleasant experiences which help elevate moods, calm the mind and improve immune system functioning. When people diffuse oils in their homes, places of work and hotel rooms, they report that they get fewer colds and flues.

As with the herbs, you receive an oil blend composed to meet your specific needs.

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