Toyohari is a form of non-insertional acupuncture. We use exquisitely fine hand-made needles of precious metals (gold, silver, cobalt), delicate manipulation and quick techniques to create movement in the body. Each treatment focuses on first the “root” (the patient's constitution), then the “branch” (symptoms). The goal is  to restore our patients to gentle harmony rather than provoke dramatic change in their bodies. When practiced well this therapy is supportive in nature. Its highest aim is to return the natural intelligence of the body, so that healing can occur organically.

Who Would Benefit From Toyohari:

Toyohari can treat any condition treated by Acupuncture. People who benefit the most from Toyohari are highly sensitive people for whom conventional acupuncture methods are too vigorous. Also, because these needles are placed on the skin, but do not puncture it, it is perfect for people who fear needles. Teenagers--even though they appear robust, the reality is that their bodies are still forming and their energy can be wild--are excellent candidates as well. Finally, individuals seeking better health and balance in their lives, who already have healthy diet and lifestyle practices and take few if any allopathic medications can find this to be an effective form of monthly or seasonal maintenance.

Length of treatment:

90 min for initial visit (history taking, physical exam, initial treatment)
45 - 50 minutes for subsequent treatments

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