Vini Yoga

Student Centered Teaching

Building the Foundation

Vini yoga emphasizes the development of deep, rhythmic breathing coordinated with movement. This promotes strength, relaxation, focus and a sense of well being.

A principal of Vini yoga is that the asana is adapted to the student, not the student to the asana. The student is encouraged to explore different ways of doing the postures. Lessons center around learning movement sequences, vinyasas, that develop flexibility, balance, agility, muscle tone and stamina.

The Alexander Technique, a system for organizing for movement, is used to help students extend their range of motion and move more freely.

The 7 private lessons are designed to provide the student with a yoga routine she/he can do on a daily basis. Each student is given a book with illustrations and text explaining the postures she has learned.

Private lessons are the best way to really learn yoga asana because coaching is essential if the movements are to be done correctly. Most students report that when the movements are done precisely they click or happen without effort.

When the student has completed this program she/he will know how to move and will be able to do a set of asana that leave he body well balanced and spirit refreshed. In order to reap these and other health benefits, the student must complete the program.

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