My initial experience with acupuncture was that I limped into my first session and strutted out. There is no question that under the skillful and intuitive administration of Zinnia, acupuncture has certainly enhanced the quality of my life in general.


You helped me sort out the direction I want to head in and overcome fears of disapointment. I thank you not only for your acupuncture skills but also for your kindness and compassion in listening to my dilemmas.

I started seeing Tiffany, for Acupuncture,  a while ago for help with chronic eye problems and lower back pain. My eye problems are much better and my lower back pain now occurs only when I do something intemperate like lug 50-pound bags of compost around. When that happens, one session with Tiffany will fix the back problem. I see my sessions with Tiffany as part of a preventive health care plan  that includes eating properly, exercising, and in general taking care of my mind and body. I value both her acupuncture skills and her wise counsel.

Tiffany C. Hoyt is delightful and professional. Her approach is spiritual and artful..

I have been seeing Tiffany, for Acupuncture, for more than 6 months on a weekly basis. To me, she is my primary care advisor and has been successfully treating me for a variety of health issues including anxiety, IBS, tension-related symptoms. It is because of her wisdom and detailled analysis that my well being has noticably improved. Her bedside manner is kind and caring. I look forward to every appointment and highly recommend her to anyone who values a holistic and personalized treatment by a trained professional.

Chinese Herbs
I have been getting occasional migraines since I was very young and recently they have gotten much more frequent. When I started seeing Tiffany, I had tried many western medicine paths and was feeling desperate for a solution. After our first visit, I felt there may be a possible end to my migraine trouble. The treatments I get from her are fine tuned to address what we talk about before each session and what has happened since our last visit. I always leave feeling recharged allowing me to deal with the world in an effective and positive way. With her guidance and Chinese Herb prescriptions my migraines have decreased to about one or two a month, my skin is as clear as it's ever been and I feel calm and hopeful. And I can't remember the last time I came down with a cold! Tiffany is an amazing listener and she gives her whole self during our sessions. I am grateful for her role in my life.

Essential Oils
Essential oils provide protection and soothe. I use essential oils when I travel to prevent colds and at home when I am feeling weak.

Alexander Technique Lessons
I can highly recommend experiencing the Alexander Technique with Zinnia! I had horrendous pain in both knees due to decades of incorrect posture. During the Alexander Technique lesson, I experienced literally immediate relief from pain that I had had for many years and which has not returned.

Yoga Lessons
While studying yoga with Zinnia, I found a cure for a lower back problem, improved posture, greater energy, and an abiding love for yoga. Zinnia fits the yoga to the person. Perfectly.

Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR)
I registered for the Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR) class in hopes of feeling relief for the anxiety I was experiencing and my inability to sleep soundly at night. The Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR) program provided helpful techniques that I now practice on a daily basis. They have reduced my overall feelings of stress and anxiety and helped my ability to sleep at night. I now fall asleep each night feeling calm and relaxed. I sleep deeply and wake each morning feeling rested and stress-free. Thank you Mind Body Stress Reduction (MBSR).

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